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Squirrel`s Chalet is happy to host you!

Come with your friends or your family, stay with us for a night or a week, stay with us if you're traveling, if you're on holiday, or if you want to relax in the weekend. Squirrel's Chalet from Doftana Valley offers professional accommodation and tasty food in the restaurant, representing you best option!

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Do not hesitate to contact us anytime, for any information or suggestions.

Squirrel's Chalet    accommodation offers:

  • LCD  TV
  • Internet acces
  • Renting entertaining games (playing cards, rummy, backgammon, chess, ping-pong)
  • 15% discount for accommodation services and restaurant (all inclusive min. 3 nights)
  • 10% discount for accommodation services and restaurant (HB min. 3 nights)
  • 5% discount for accommodation services (min. 3 days)*
  • Exclusive souvenirs



Doftana Valley is a green area, quiet, famous for Paltinu Lake (amateur fishing notice), perfect for taking a break away from the agitated city life.

You can reach us from DN1 through Campina following the road that accompanies Doftana River or from Comarnic on a winding road,surrounded by Baiu mountains and having Bucegi mountains behind.